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  • Markshire PCs:

Location One

The Shaft Giver’s heart, opened at the base of the tree. Grippli shall guard it with their lives. Fight until death for the sake of the Shaft Giver. The Last location to visit, the last instructions must use.

1. Hibernate: Set Shaft Giver to rest (completed by Master Threecard)
2. Rope: Cut strands 8 badgers long
Measure length with and mark with 2 coils, uncoil to opposite bundle and cut until all rope cut
3. Bronze Shields: Hang with rope about heart
Loop rope through shields holes, anchor ropes to ceiling with Grippli Sticks Sharps
4. Glacial Ice: Extinguish fires with 3 glacial ice
Fan ice as flames until near for setting on side, fan tell flame frozen

Location Two

Second opening not allowed at Shaft Giver. Frank walk to find close hop for opening to location two. Find venting steam close to road, open above belching pit. Here is not far from Location one. Here is second location must visit after the first location is visited.

1. Lantern of McGreggor: Power in lantern exploded over belching pond.
Grippli Sticks Blunts striking lantern over pond will explode, careful belches not blow lantern away from reach. (completed ep. 7)
2. Glacial Ice: Place as described in Instructions on Location One. Gas flames here must be frozen
3. Graveyard Dirt: Sprinkled over belching pit after Lantern.
The jars must burst and sprinkle about middle, cover burns from blast of the lantern, bring new life to dead earth. Grippli Stick Blunts shall shatter jars or bags in the right manor. (completed Ep. 7)

Location Three

Long walk North with Shaft Giver at back, small earth quake under Grippli makes walk long and jagged a Shaft Giver sway. Opening possible at foundation of land and home for third location to visit after second location is treated. Frank look in hole, long tunnels are good for seeding good soil.

1. Bones: Broken and piled, raised and slain to be released from their prison along the path.
2. Fish: Deposited along path in small holes, covered.
Dig small holes, place fish in hole, run sword through fish into ground and remove sword, cover fish, run through covered fished with sword into ground again and remove sword, cover more if need.
3. Silk: Provide homes for spiders and aphid catchers along path
Needle and thread the silk about Grippli Sticks Sharps anchored in corners.

Location Four

From Location Three the path leads west again, and north. Near a log home in a stump of a dead root sprout. Opening the first location to be visited Frank thought not enter. Underground water source must be cleansed first. For not have any items for location one, proceed for second location to visit, have not the items for the second location proceed to third location to visit, for not items for this third location proceed Location One for last location to visit. Perform instructions for each location in order of list. For not for one hop over for two, if not for two hop on for three.

1. Emeralds: Thrown a manageable distance into largest pools. ((Toss is sum of a 1d20))
2. Sugar: Canisters tossed over the landing of the emeralds. At least five must land near. ((within 3+/-))
3. Sand: Tossed over the landing of the sugar. At least 4 must land near((as above))
4. Ginseng: Tossed over the landing of the first. At least three must land near. ((as above))