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@Valgrimm wrote:

I suppose it doesn’t matter that i will be out of town this weekend, seeing as how I can’t get into markshire anyway…hey is there some sort of conspiracy going on to keep Port out of the server?

I sure hope not, but if this is what bad luck is, you definately have it. I assure you I have in no way had any thought or idea or reason for the previously mentioned to engage in any activity that would suggest I have not enjoyed or wanted your participation.

I can’t speak for Mule though. He has often been the source of unexplainable bad luck.

Well, Port has had near perfect attendance, I won’t ding ya for this on attendance due to the make up for it in the journals (Biographys).

Yes, everyone mentioned is getting personalized treasure at the end. That is, if the end is won. I mean survived, I mean completed, well lets face it, peoiple show up and the episodes run. Unless they all die, not that they would die or are going to, but it could happpen, the titan is still out there, and Opinvu has a strangely but most importantly, Suprisingly Dry Towel on his person and is loose somewhere West of the Gate thanks to some kind adventurers. … And what about … no sorry, save for after the ending.