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it kind of seems that people are shying away from the RP and whatnot and just heading out to Arik to go experience farming

I just wanted to stick my $0.02 in. I think we have the best bunch of RP’ers in game, EVER. The only issue that I get concerned with is that sometimes the high level character takes a very low level character a) to places they are NOT ready to handle, or b) to places the character might be able to handle, but protects them to the point that the thrill of the danger is missing. Now, if you have a 9-10th level that wants to tag along to Arik with an entire group, just to see the place, ok.
But for example, (and it’s only an example, no pointing fingers at all, ok?) taking a 20th level character into the Ogre Fort with a 6-7th level character as a tank so that that character cannot get killed, well….. *Looks at the ceiling, innocently* You never know, the local Ogres could be meeting with some high level bad guys, y’know? This might portend badly for both characters.
I’m just saying that to have someone to watch your back is good, and having someone along to do your fighting for you so you can level is a bit cheesy. Of course, there are exceptions, I just hope that it’s in the back of your head when you select the PC to go help a friend check out a new area.
BTW, that’s why the XP system has a curve, you know. The lower level character will actually get much less experience than if you bring a lower level PC to help out.