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  • Markshire PCs:

Keep in mind the goal of MS. RP and realistic environment. It is ment to be taken SLow and painful, that /is/ how life is, slow and painful to get ahead. You have to pick something you can handle and need to do before you can just go off and do what you want to do without reprocutions. Get your ducks in a row, learn to handle life.. then adventure. Powerleveling through isn’t the challenge, it’s toughing it out through the slow hardships the frozen wastelands provide. You gotta wok hard and long to survive, if your going fast, your cheating and the peasents will despise your noble snooty ways.. 😆 What I am getting at is going fast limits the RP avenues and door options. Going slow and having many hardships presents more drama options and more CDS and more time between levels to get things done. For me, not being a D&D start-up into gameing but a Nintendo junkie found the light of Baulder’s Gate… I see levels int he RP world as like an age. And you don’t age twice in a day, or in a week…. No way you can have soo much life experiance in one day to be that much better/stronger/smarter for the long term.

As the desire to hurry up and win so you can go with the big boys and really get the good stuffs increases, the oppertunity for great RP and interactions is missed. Some eek out help rather than craft, some seek out a gift of something uber to use as a crutch.

There are ways of still doing business as usual and make still makin it more fun, more realistic and untained. Higher levels run out without fear of orcs, go without your good armor and sword. Dress down and rely on your supiror strength and resolve more than your uber gear for fighting uber foe. Even for the ones who started this thread could take a different approach to the same old routines.
Still, to each their own, but it is something that happens and can make one loose interest in the char and/or the norm.

that’s my $0.02.