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The question of which takes precedence over the other in regards to RP or achieving is tricky. I think it would be based on a few things. First and foremost what the player prefers, but also the players mood at the time, and the value you’re likely to get out of each. By the last I mean the players subjective judgement of whether the next level will be worth it more than the RP or social gain to be made. I can think of scenarios where the next level wouldn’t all that special (no feats, stat bumps, or powers to be gained) but maybe the RP would be with someone you really enjoy RPing with. As far as mood, well sometimes I am in a solitary mode and sometimes I am in a social mood, for instance. Basically it comes down to a lot of internal, individual, time and place based judgements. I would wonder at the effectiveness of any survey that tried to judge precedence. But it is a good question.

– mule