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  • Markshire PCs:

Our elected leaders are sworn into their various offices, somewhat like those that serve in the armed forces. Our soldiers/sailors/flyboys/mechanics etc. are all held to the UCMJ, I do not see any case why our elected leaders should not be as well. I mean, they are only the ones that get us into wars 😉

“But G, people are people and the UCMJ can be harsh!”

Sure can, only the serious need apply.

“Dude, there are plenty of asclowns in the (insert branch here) getting foreign kids to chant awful things and throwing puppies off cliffs.”

Ayup, and their asses end up in slings/fired/jailed/brandedforlife/busteddownranks for breaking the rules when they get caught, instead of /wristslap. When there are no real penalites for taking a heater on the laws of the land you govern, crap like this stays out of hand. Keeping it easy for them to conduct shenanigans like this on our tab is bogus too. They’re servants, not deities.