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1. Crime and punishment: Doesn’t matter the individual. If you do the crime, you do the time. Am I perfect. No. If I am arrested for something I would certainly stand up for what I did and take the punishment. It’s fairly simple. Do I punish others for their crimes against the law? Not my department. If my friend is in trouble they get help. Again fairly simple.

2. Cheating and forgiveness: Been here. Done this. Once was forgivable. Twice was just me being dumped on. Certainly wasn’t going to happen anymore. Personally, I am loyal to all; Loves, Friends, Family, and Job.

3. Children: I have two. Both of which are nearing graduation from High School. Both of which I’d die for. It’s hard to truly understand until you are a parent what extent you’d go through for them.

I’ve had glimpses of my extremes. I know where I stand in the world. Some ask, “WWJD?” I simply ask, “what do I need to do?”

The lines you cross are the crosses you bear.