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  • Markshire PCs:

Opi, I hate to be the one to have to tell you this, but you NEED to get a spell checker. Here’s what I mean:

Everything went well for me and players from my view. Not as much help was needed for my novice riddle/coded message. The conflict at the end among players that I will not point fingers or name names (gr?), was unnecessary. It could have been resolved if the RP was continued, but my impression (spectator view) was some fuses were way too short and and desired an hour to play out the situation when the ones wanting to get some sleep wished for a more speedy divvy of the loot rather than a 5 hour description or decree on why no one should want their share. I know from experience in gaming, you don’t mess with the loot rights.

My experience has taught me this… No one likes the feeling of being ripped off. They want to decide for themselves whether loot is junk or valuable to them. Anyone who logs off with loot and no explanation is labeled a thief, even if the loot was just a button for a giants red shirt. You leave without common courtesy, you get harsh feelings. And yes, it becomes your fault?? and your problem, not the reason for your logout. No matter what. You break trust when loot is not disclosed and displayed for everyone’s view and discrimination?? (ok I can live with that). I don’t care how you want to RP the handling of the loot, but at least start off with an OOC showing that this is what we got. I don’t have time to make nice little bundles of loot for each person and pre-divvy it out evenly. I leave it up to you all.

I must state and refer you all to natural human psychology. We all tend to react in the same manner to certain actions. You all have different opinions of PVP, so expect the same for how Loot is handled. If you’re asking for permission to PVP then ask permission to hold hostage loot, otherwise drop it on the ground and leave it alone. Last time I checked, no one playing is under 12. RP is realistic play, role-playing, realism of people…. If you steal or attempt to steal.. people will react accordingly. EXPECT IT! ANTICIPATE IT! No one here is holier than thou or lesser than anyone else. I can’t believe I have to say this…

I know I’m a PITA, but it is important to have good spelling and grammar, especially if you are going to “send a message”. BTW, you should say something, but I think only to those that were a problem. The ones that got angry at the division of loot, were reacting naturally, IMO. No one likes to have loot withheld. And there should be an OOC accounting before the evil chars grab it all.


P.S. – Sorry to bail last night – I posted why in the other topic….