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Episode 7 ‘MEDIC! MEDIC!’ (DONE –Slow)

Parties has returned to the SG-Tree with seven repair components and are instructed to find the four openings Frank has made more easily accessed points to the problem areas and thusly can apply the bandaging. The first seven take them a while, for each item has a set of instructions given by Frank. This will be like a scavenger hunt giving clues tot eh location and what object in the location to apply to. They will have one to do at a time. Frank will prepare the components while they do a task. The lantern is first requiring no prep work. After each completion they will receive a new instruction sheet and prepared component for the next. They can’t split into teams. Dangers await them unique to the locations.
Collecter Caves will be used for the various locations. Direct drop-ins will be the locations listed below. The instructions followed in order will be stressed. Changes made to this follow:
The Four locations have four instruction sets that explain the order and sequence and way to do the repairs. These applications will be dice based and have to do with chance. The instructions were prepared forty years ago by the Shaft Giver. Frank wrote them out on paintings from the cabin. These paintings were stolen by Sar and his wife’s decorator and hung in his home. Now they need retrieved and their destiny fulfilled.

4 Instruction Sheets to 4 locations.
6 Specially Prepared Tree Bandages

1. Narlynwik Forest B2 – Heart Chamber @ SG-Tree
2. Narlynwik Forest C2 – Belching pit Collector caves @ East where the steam lets out
3. Narlynwik Forest B4 – Between foundations of earth and home @ Collector caves tunnels
4. Narlynwik Forest A3 – Underground spring turned Red, @ Collector caves and Boogle mines

Belferon, Durok, Keliana, Portales, Sun-Ok, Traudek, Voran, Walis