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Episode 9 ‘Shaft-Arik’d!?’ ( Done-Well )

The First trip to Arik, easy and auto piloted. This trip should get them at least as far as the Subterranean. This Episode will be restricted to the ones who attended previous episode. Stragglers will be left above in the midst of the slavers. Kaldt will be found down here, she will be looking to give them her thanks for their defeating Father McGreggor. Both fights were distractions saving Opinvu from his pursuit while he searched out the towel. The kill allowed her to aid Dweeble in distracting a deamon. Evading notice while aiding the situation, she was unable to witness any succeses or failures but the one fact that Opinvu is no longer in Arik. But, sadly Father McGreggor has returned from Garm’s ranch. As they speak he is leaving Arik in pursuit of Opinvu in the desert. Dweeble and Opinvu’s exact condition or location is out of her reach. McGreggor is clouding the already clouded wastelands.

Characters locked out until next Episode

Belferon, Durok, Faith, Keliana, Portales, Sun-OK, Voran, Walis