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Episode 10 ‘Deep Darpli’ (Done, Failed 1 times)

Continuing the venture into the deep depths of Arik, the party must find the Forgotten chamber and locate the chest described by Frank. They will be warned, the key will open only one. A narrative of the conversation they had but didn’t have with Frank before they left will be recalled to the players. The goal shall be found and the return trip is only to the surface.

Optional Quest:
Seeking Opinvu and McGreggor to help Opinvu escape may be pursued if requested. Opinvu will not be found, but McGreggor may be found at the Wall at Gastlynik Gate. Defeating Or engaging McGreggor will save Opinvu to escape out of the area without knowing they are there.


Seed half of the Tree of life

Travel back to Foothold / Optional Quest

Attendance 1:
Belferon, Durok, Keliana, Monty, Sun-Ok, Voran, Walis

Attendance 2:
Belferon, Keliana, Voran, Walis