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  • Markshire PCs:

Thanks man! I’ve had a blast making them all! And I’m sure I’ll continue having fun making more of them!

Some of them are just for show and really not functional for the game. Can you say, fodder? 😀 That’s okay though, something has to feed my other meat eating critters! And other peoples too now that I’ve shared my creations with the community.

Incase you don’t know, the game uses other peoples critters to populate your planet and galaxy as you start a new game. There are many settings to change this with as well to limit who’s critters populate your universe and such.

I’m hoping to get a few of you on board and making some critters so we can all share each others critters and play with/against them with our own creations in our own worlds. Will be a lot of fun I’m thinking!

The only thing is the game doesn’t release till September… And the critter database is already at 500,000 + critters. These were all created in 3 days… 3 DAYS! By the time September rolls around there could be millions!

That’s why I’m so glad you can specify who’s critters you want in your game. Though a random game will truly be random that’s for sure!

The trial version of the editor is free like I said. The full version of the editor is like 10$ plus tax. However, the full version of the editor is included in the game once that comes out in September. But… I couldn’t wait and bought the full version of the editor anyways. 🙄

The only thing that doesn’t work quite properly yet is importing a creature into the editor. You’re supposed to be able to download any creature and then drag and drop it into the editor to play with it… but it doesn’t work right just yet. So, better to simply wait on that one. They do have 3 months to fix it after all. Hope to see your critter creations soon!

Thanks for listening/reading!!!