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@Valgrimm wrote:

Has anyone played Fable 2?

Can’t say that I have Val. Is it a PC game?

As Mule wrote for Fallout, it’s a giant place and the VATS system rocks. I’m level 9 now, and all I can say is I’ve done a LOT of side quests and have followed the main story very little so far.

I have to ask you Mule, are you going the good guy route, or did you.. um.. have a fire works display in Megaton? I’ve gone the good guy route except for one thing that I lost Karma on… and I’ll explain that next, BUT I also had a LOT of guns at level 2 because of it.

Ok, I meet one of the caravans that travel the wastes going from place to place. The caravan is: Caravan master, pack ox, and a guard.

So I decided to follow them and see where they go. At first, all went well. I trailed the caravan and they took out some bandits. I think, “Bonus for me! free loot!” And indeed I simply picked over the fallen bandits remains. Free guns, armor, and ammo.

Now, this particular caravan was selling a lot of guns & ammo. So I got lucky. Some just sell junk. And as I picked up stuff I could then sell it to the caravan master for some better gear or, more ammo.

Then something unexpected happened… as we approached the city, the bandits took out the caravan master and the guard. Thus, my free looting was at an end. Or, so I thought…

I then picked over the remains of the caravan master and guard. I find a key on the caravan master. The ox wandered away from the fighting back toward the way it came from. It was the only one to survive besides me. So, I click on the ox… and low and behold the key I picked up opens up the inventory on the ox. ALL of the stuff the trader had for sale was now mine! And this was at level 2.

Rocket launcher, rifle, small arms, a ton of ammo, etc. And I only lost a tad bit of karma for all of that stuff! Thus, I’ve just been stocking up on ammo now and repairing my guns as I see fit.

It was shocking at first to see the caravan guy get toasted by the bandits using a flame thrower, but it turned out to be great for me!
And none of that was scripted. Just completely random! Man, I love this game! 8)

Anyways, let me know which route you went Mule. I’ve been doing research quests for a lady in Megaton. Some great stuff there.