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  • Markshire PCs:

Oh man, slow poke. I’m level 18 already. I have a house in Megaton with most of the major stuff already. 😛

I didn’t follow the caravan route but I have a similar story. I paid for the upgrade to the caravan trader that sells armor items so when I saw him next I could buy better armors. Alas it was not meant to be. See when you are walking in the wilds you do have random spawns, they are level appropriate. This particular time I was cutting across the waste and I happened to cross the trade route just as the caravan owner, Crow, was walking down it a ways. Next thing I know I see him running for his life away from something i’ve never seen before; a deathclaw. This beast, imagine werewolf, was chasing my poor man down. I tried to shoot the vile thing with my trusty gun, Abraham Lincoln’s Repeater (<3), but to no avail. The poor man got caught on some terrain and the beastie tore him to shreds. Then it charged me, even at half life it was a pain to kill. After I did kill him I looted the caravan owner and got a similar key and some decent gear but I never did find the pack Brahmin. I did find the caravan guard who ran in the opposite direction. She was taking her ire out on the local fauna until she ran across another one of my spawns, a robot of particular vim and vigor (whom I hate with a passion) which quickly dispatched her with it's rocket launcher and minigun.

I am playing the good route btw. I usually play the good route my first time through a game. I find it more rewarding. I am a scrounger though and have been known to loot every last cup, butter knife, tin can, etc.. from a place. Though weight limits make that difficult. Remind me to tell you about Tenpenny tower sometimes 🙂 … I have already contemplated my evil character. She will be asian, into using her fists and melee weapons, stealthy, and have a penchant for human flesh and an affinity for children. 😈 Talking to them not eating them sicko.

Oh some advice. If you have not done the storyline quest much yet and find Vault 112 on your own do not go in. It’s a game bug that skips much of the storyline i’m told.

Also, in Bigtown (I think that’s the one) don’t offer to repair the robots to save them from Germantown. There are no robots.

Also, when you kill the AntAgonist (if you do) don’t sell her outfit. You need it.

Also, when you go to Tenpenny tower don’t piss anyone off and make them leave by stealing until after you’ve done what needs to be done there.

Just some mistakes i’ve made and/or heard about.

– mule