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  • Markshire PCs:

ok, so I got a 360 for xmas, and for my b-day(just 4 days later) i got CoD WaW, and Fallout 3. not sure if this is the same as the PC version you are all playing, but sounds right. I am only level 5 at this point, so I’m sure there is a lot for me still do. I like this game a lot, with a minor exception of the dialog, I think Mass Effect has the best one ever… but the overall concept is fantastic. I have taken the path that i would in real life,i.e. I wouldn’t steal blatantly, but if I was wondering a mutant filled wasteland, i wouldn’t hesitate to snatch a stimpack wile the owner was in the other room. And I did kill the overseer in the vault, which pissed off Amada, not sure if she would have joined me otherwise.

little help here: where is “gunny” the brotherhood member who will train you to use power armor?

and can you guys play multi-player with me across platforms?(PC to 360)