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  • Markshire PCs:

CAREFUL!!! Addiction alert!! Fallout 3 will become ever addicting. I spent 5 snow days totally in game. While the power was on.

It seems Amata will never come with you. I did both, kill and not kill. Same general outcome. There are many ways to do one quest but they seem to still have only 2 outcomes, peaceful and evil. Some have more and some have only one outcome no matter what.

Gunny is in the Citadel. During the day he is in the training yard. At night he is in the A/b ring barracks.

Save all your power armor if found early.

Question everything. Explore, explore, explore. Don’t cheat and goto Thryms work.. i mean IGN.

I love Fallout 3. I found it is much easier if you are a girl. You get paths you wouldn’t as a guy. I did this after the same question came up about Amata. I didn’t know I could have a teamate until I met Jerico. So, as a woman I went way to fast cause it was going easy. I had lots of ammo and no hardships. As a male it has been more of a challenge. Still can only find 12 Boggleheads, and I am yet to find the weapon this Ailen power cells go to. But I am sure it must be a weapon. As it shows up under ammo. Figuring out how to do the quests as they intended is fun, specially the Communist party of Dave….or is it the land of Dave… or was it Daves ciarettes and imporium? Either way, plan on playing through more than once. it is easier to handel 4 times throuh than Mass Effect was.