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  • Markshire PCs:

Sorry Val, your right… PAper Mario… Blows! Burn him! I hate reading that much between playing.

Mule! Careful on the spoilers there.. .But your wrong about the ailen weapon. I found it.. I found it all! The Republic of Dave! hehehe yeah I swear he is really just a child molester… to many girls there and only 2 males… something fishy there.

I can’t figure out the LIVE portion of this Fallout. IT says it is free to play online. So, I create an account, I think I can login but it rejects me with this no Gamertag associated to my account. I don’t have an Xbox, so as it would seem, I can never have a gamertag without paying for one?

Oh and now I have 14 boggelheads.. 6 still ever elude me. Enough! Titanphilia awaits me!