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Voran Falcona
  • Markshire PCs:

Well, I have a fix for Sar (and myself). Am going to test it out soon on MotB, that is, as soon as it finishes installing.

It goes with what I was saying before, but with a twist. Search for and download a program called 3D-Analyze (or Analyzer, I’ve seen both). Get that all set up. Once that’s installed on your system, right click and select Run as Administrator (you’re on Vista, right?). Click select in the upper left corner and for the .exe file find nwn2main and select that. now here’s where you need to figure something out on your own. Check on to see what’s wrong with your video card. For example, mine didn’t have TnL support. So, in 3D-Analyze, I clicked on the HW TnL slot. Basically, click on whatever you’re missing, and the program will make NWN2 believe your card supports that. Then click on run and you’ll be set.

The added twist, though is that the nwn2main needs to be a no-cd .exe, otherwise 3D-Analyze won’t work with the patched version of the game. Google for one of those cracks.

Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions on the program.