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Did ya know ya can writ a thing down usin’ tobacco juice instead o’ ink? Yup! I just found it out! Ain’t ever buyin’ ink again! Got a little cup I spits into, sittin’ right here on the table where I’m writin’! Dippin’ me quill into it now I is! I can make a fine letter with it!

Well, where was I? Oh yes! The dragon! Anyways, we went traipsin’ off to see this Awful-Itch, livin’ in his cave out in Thrym’s Pass like I told ya.

Me and all the boys! Was at least fourteen o’ us! Uh . . . mayhap five or six. I ain’t so good at countin’ things. And Sun too. Sun ain’t no boy. Tough little lady she is! Good with a bow! Me . . . I ain’t got no use fer a bow. Got one, but don’t use it much. Can’t hit a damm thing with it anyways.

Probably help if I opened me eyes when I’m shootin’ but I always closes my eyes tight when I’m battlin’ somethin’. Can’t help it. Seems to work fer me so I ain’t about to change nothin’.

So, we gets to the cave in the pass where this dragon’s supposed to be stayin’ and I thought I’d announce our comin’ and I yelled his name I did! I figured mayhap he’s sleepin’ or somethin’ ya know? I mean, why supprise him? How’d you like it if you opened yer eyes and seen a bunch o’ people standin’ ‘round ya with their weapons drawn? I know if t’was me wakin’ up, it’d put me in an awful snit!

Well! You’d think I set a fire in Father Rychy’s office! Everyone tellin’me ta be quiet, shut up, on and on like that! Walis even put his hand over me mouth he did! Oh . . . I bit him good! Hope his fingers is sore fer a week!

To make a short story outta a long story, we seen the dragon. He was already awake. We talked to him a bit. Good with words he was! Sounded very ed . . . edu . . . educa . . . . well, he was good with words and I’ll leave it at that. After some dancin’ ‘round the issue a bit, he told us he might be able to help us with the shaftin’ tree! But . . . we’d have’ta collect a few things for him first. Ah! There’s always a rub when yer dealin’ with a dragon!

Oh geez! Missed the damm cup! Just spit a huge glob o’ tobacco juice right in the middle o’ my writin’! Can’t wipe it, it’ll smudge! I’ll have to wait till it dries before I get on to the rest!