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Ahh! Good! Ain’t left much o’ a mark on the parchment at all!

Anyways, Axel- Fix, he give us a list o’ things he wanted. Why he wanted ‘em I ain’t got no idea. A scroll from some lich livin’ in a crypt under Yar. A gem from some giants. Where they was livin’ I don’t know. And a pair o’ gloves from the king o’ the boogles.

I think I might o’ spelled ‘boogles’ wrong, but . . . I like the way it sounds when I read it back to meself. Ya know? Boo-gles!

But the damm dragon wanted even more, he did!! Wait til’ ya hear this part! One o’ us, he didn’t seem to care who, had to defeat him in battle, three times!! Now three’s a bigger number then one! Even I know that!

We took a vote, and decided ta give this task ta Bel. Well . . .he was just standin ‘round lookin’ like he was half asleep, ya know? Most men is like that. Always lookin as though they’s half asleep. Yup! They’s either stirin’ up trouble, or walkin’ ‘round half asleep.

(Spits into her cup again before she continues on with the battle between Bel and the Dragon)