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With that settled, Bel and the Dragon then starts to circle ‘round each other like two foxes gettin’ ready ta raid a pen full o’ chickens!

All the time, both o’ them tryin’ hard not to step on Traudek, who had fallin’ asleep right in the middle o’ the floor! They stopped their circlin’, eyed each other a moment . . .

then all hel broke loose! Oh geez! The noise o’ it! The dragon bellowin’, shootin’ a gassy fire outta his mouth, tryin’ ta burn poor Bel to a crisp! Bel dancin’ and dodgin’ this way and that and screamin’ curses at the top o’ his lungs at Ekel-Foot! Then lungin’ at the dragon, choppin’ away at his feet!

The two o’ them bangin’ and bouncin’and bumpin’off the walls o’ the cave! Those pointy things stickin’ out o’ the roof crashin’ down on us from all the vibrations Bel and the Dragon was causin’! Sun, standin’ there, popin’ almonds into her mouth like she ain’t had a care in the world or meal in weeks!

Me and Durok, with our swords ready, waitin’ for the right moment ta rush in and rescue Bell! Port, scribblin’ away as fast as he could! Walis, sulkin’ in a corner, nursin’ his fingers which I had chewed on a bit earlier . . . and on and on!

(The goop in her cup is running low so she pops another plug of tobacco into her mouth)