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(She’s paused with her penning for the moment and is now staring at the cup full of tobacco juice on the table beside her.)

Hmm. I ain’t never seen so much o’ it in one place like that. I never collected it before like this. Its really disgustin’ lookin’. Stinky too. Smellin’ up me writin it is!

Usually, when I spits it out I ain’t watchin’ in particular, where its goin’ ya know? Sometimes I gets in trouble fer that. Especially with Ryche. I spit a few times on the Temple floor. Well geez! The way he carries on ‘bout it, you’d think I was bangin’ on the Temple walls with a big hammer, tryin’ ta bring it all down atop his damm head!

Fun ta have him chase me though! He always gets tangled up in his robes and falls down flat on his face! One time he chased me half way to Yar! He’d trip and fall, I’d stop and wait fer him, laughin’ all the while! He’d pick himself up, shake his fist, scream some very un-priestly things at me, then the both o’ us would start runnin’ all over again!

A few times I even helped him up! He’d give me a proper thank you, and off we’d go! Him chasin’, me runnin’!
Ya know . . . Sometimes I think he’s enjoyin’ it just as much as me!

Now . . . where was I? Oh Bel and the Dragon!