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Well I know ya ain’t gonna believe a word o’ this, but as sure as I’m sittin’ here scratchin’ out me story on this piece o’ parchment, Bel put down Axel-Fix the dragon not one, but three times!!

Oh, Bel whacked him good he did! With no help from any o’ us! He’s good at swingin’ a weapon, I’ll say that fer him! But that wasn’t enough fer the damm dragon! He kept addin’ more things on ta the list o’ stuff he wanted from us!

And then he decided he was gonna keep poor Bel with him right there in the cave! He told us we could have Bel back when we brung him all the things he’d asked for! So . . . there wasn’t much we could do ‘bout that, ya know? Well short o’ killin’ the dragon anyways.

But if we killed him . . . well, ya can’t get no secrets ‘bout how ta stop the bug from chompin’ on the roots o’ the shaftin’ tree from a dead dragon, ya know?

So, we said our goodbyes ta Bel, promised him we’d be back as soon as we could, then we all went off ta look fer the things the dragon needed.

(Looks at the cup of tobacco juice, reaches over, and pushes it a little further away, sighs and shakes her head.)