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Me and Sun then set off ta fetch the gloves what belonged to the King o’ the boogles. I know, I writ that before. Anyways, Off we went, neither o’ us knowin’ exactly where the boogle cave was.

I think Sun’s at least as bad as me at findin’ places. I had an old map I once made o’ how to get there but I forgot ta mark which end o’ it was up. But when we found a stream that I’d sketched out with a little squiggle on the parchment, me and Sun knew we was gettin’ kinda close to the Ogre Fortress.

Now, acordin’ to my map, we either had ta go south east . . . or north west, dependin’ on how ya was holdin’ the map. We picked south east and there it was! The Ogre Fortress!
We musta killed at least ninety seven o’ those ogres between us, before me and Sun got to the middle o’ the courtyard! Mayhap sixty three o’ ‘em! Which ever number is bigger.

Then we tore down the steps leadin’ to the mines, and before ya knew it, we was sloshin’ through a long tunnel full o’ foul smellin’ water. I think mayhap the Ogre Castle’s sewers must drain into it from somewhere. Ya know, I been in this tunnel before, and deep into the mines beyond the tunnel, but I ain’t never seen so many boogles in my life as there was that night!

They must o’ been havin’ a convention or somethin’! They was comin’ at us from all directions! Even droppin’ down on us from off o’ the roof! And Sun . . . well, the girl just don’t miss with that bow o’ hers! We fought our way deeper and deeper and finally, with the two o’ us exhausted and almost outta healin’ kits, leanin’ on each other ta keep from fallin’ down in a heap, there he was! The king o’ all the boogles! Standin’ there in front o’ us, proud as punch, hands on his hips, just darin’ us ta take those gloves away from him!

It was the way he was standin’ all puffed up and feelin’ so good about himself, that gave us the energy to whack him hard, and down he went! But he had no gloves on him. We looked around a bit and Sun found a box sittin’ behind some huge chunks o’ ice.

We both cleared the ice, she popped the box open and glory be! The boogle king’s gloves was right there in the box! She grabbed ‘em quick, stuffed ‘em in a safe place, and we made our way out o’ the mines, and back to Foothold.