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Late this afternoon, Bel, Walis, Kyri and me and Bel and Walis decided ta make that trip out to Arik to have that cup o’ tea with Father McGregger like I mentioned earlier.

Well, that part o’ it went well enough, although when we got there, the good Father let us know straight off, we’d get no damm tea from him, and the only thing he’d be givin’ us was a one way ticket ta hel! After sayin’ that, he tried his best ta murder all of us while we was standin’ right in the middle o’ his livin’ room! A nasty man, that McGregger!

He started whackin’ and we whacked right back. He ain’t had a chance. We put him down quick. There was too many o’ us, ya see. Besides, Kyri had her friend Charlie along too. And we all know what Charlie is capable of! I think McGregger’s just gettin’ old, ya know?

Anyway, we tore his place apart lookin’ fer the damm lantern what we needs fer Frank the frog and we ain’t seen no lantern there at all.

We was all kinda upset ‘bout not findin’ it and all o’ us was just itchin’ ta whack somethin’, so we figured it was a good time ta clean out the Giant Shaman Head Quarters which is up the road a bit from McGregger’s home. Well I ain’t sayin’ much about that, except at least we all got our tea.

Yup! Garm brewed a pot for us! He just set it down on a rock and the water boiled right quick! We sat there with him the rest ‘o the day just starin’ into our cups. None o’ us had much ta say.