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Well, now havin’ all o’ Nuckle-Flaxes’ secrets on how ta kill the bug what was nibbilin’ away on the roots o’ the shaftin’ tree, the whole bunch o’ us made our way to the Dragon Inn, a quaint little place, sittin’ on a hill not far from the entrance to the Foothold mines.

Seems it’s the only way you’re able ta get to where Frank and the rest o’ the frogs is camped. Now, don’t ask me why the hel that is cause I ain’t got no answer fer ya! We all squeezed into Barrelgore’s kitchen, then we closed our eyes real tight, and tapped our heels together three times.

At least that’s what I did! Don’t know what the rest o’ our group done cause me eyes was closed tight, ya know? Anyways, when we opened our eyes, there we was! Standin’ right in the middle o’ Franklin’s camp! Must be some kind o’ magic bein’ used to do that. I hates magic. It just ain’t dependable, ya know? Sometimes it works, sometimes it don’t.

We told Frank about our meetin’ with the dragon and what he had ta say ‘bout the huge bug tearin’ away at his tree o’ shaftin’.
Then Frank set out an assortment o’ acid bombs, acid arrows and the like, and told us ta use all o’ it on the bug ta kill it. So we each grabbed pile o’ the stuff and made our way down a hole that somehow appeared, close ta the shaftin’ tree. Dammed magic again!

Now me hand’s givin’ me the cramps from all me pennin’, so I’ll writ the rest o’ this down later.