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We was down in the cave the week before, so we already knew where the bug was. Only took a few minutes ta get to it. Nobody got lost or nothin’. Mayhap Port. Seems he’s always laggin’ behind. Well, I suppose its hard ta writ and walk at the same time, and he seems ta be always writin’.

Everyone knows a man can’t do two things at the same time anyways. Sometimes they ain’t so good at doin’ even one thing at a time! But Port caught up to us event . . . eventu . . . uh, right quick.

Well, there it was! Right in front o’ us! The colossal bug! I mean, really big, ya know? The mother o’ all bugs it was! Munchin’ away on the roots o’ Frank’s damm tree, payin’ no attention ta us whatsoever!

We crept as close as we could to it, then some o’ us started heavin’ the acid bombs, and others what had bows, let loose with a hail o’ acid arrows! Before long, the bug didn’t look much like a bug no more! It looked ta me, like a gigantic porcupine with quills stickin’ out from all over it!

And the bombs and arrows was havin’ an effect on it too! Makin’ it sick they was! Did ya know a bug makes a noise when its dyin’? At least the really big ones do. Kinda like a cross between a moan and a sob. I guess the little ones also moans and sobs when they’s dyin’ or hurt. Mayhap they screams too, when they looks up and sees a big boot comin’ down on ‘em ta squish ‘em dead.

They’s way too small ta hear though I guess. Mayhap you’d hear a tiny squeek or somethin’ if ya got yer ear down close enough to it. But I don’t know how you’d go about stepin’ on it if ya had yer ear so close ta the ground, ya know? Anyways, we killed the bug, and that was that.

I ain’t felt too good about killin’ a thing what just stood there and let me kill it. Didn’t seem right somehow. I’m used ta something whackin’ right back at me when I’m tryin’ ta kill it. But it ain’t seemed ta bother no one else, so I kept me mouth shut ‘bout that.
Savin’ Franklin’s tree o’ shaftin’ kinda balanced it all out fer me.

I guess the bug was just a victim o’ cir . . . circum . . . well, the bug just happened ta be in the wrong place at the wrong time ya know?