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( She’s moved the little table she sits at when writing, as far away as she possibly can from the foul smelling, gooey mess in the corner of her room. Of course the further away she moves from the cup, the less accurate her aim becomes. Well . . . try and picture the rest!)

Just before we left the cave, we all noticed a bunch o’ oversized hearts sittin’in a big hole near where the roots o’ the shaftin’ tree was. The hearts was all kinda connected up to each other, just beatin’ away. Thumpity thump, thump they was goin’. Now I seen some strange things in my time here, but I ain’t never seen nothin’ like that before, ya know?

Then we all climbed up outta the cave, includin’ Frankie, who had climbed in with us. He’d tagged along just ta make sure we used the acid bombs and arrows in a proper manner so’s the bug would be exterminated once and fer all. Between you and me, I don’t think Francis was too sure the acid was really gonna work!

So afterwards, we’s all standin’ by the shaftin’ tree feelin’ good about ourselves that we saved it by killin’ the bug. Then Frankie opens his mouth and tells us the damm tree’s still sick! Killin’ the bug only cured it part way, he says!! Now we’d have to help him do somethin’ ‘bout all those beatin’ hearts in the hole, we seen on the way out!

Then he pulls out another list, this one even longer then the first one he give us! He’s writ down at least elevendy three more things he’s needin’! He goes on and on ‘bout needin’all these things so’s he can do somethin’ ‘bout about the damm hearts we seen thumpin’ away in the hole in the cave! He says the hearts is somehow connected to the damm tree and causin’ it to de . . .deca . . . ta rot!

Ohh geez! Ain’t this never gonna end? That’s the last thing any o’ us was wantin’ to hear! Good thing I wasn’t standin’ too close ta Frank, else I woulda fixed him up real good instead o’ fixin’ up the shaftin’ tree! Port had ta grab onto me leg ta hold me back from choppin’ him up into little bits! Well, me leg’s about as high as Port can reach anyways, ya know?

Can’t writ no more now. I gotta figure what ta do ‘bout that corner over there. *Shudders*