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Got the corner cleaned up some. I gotta find a better way ta writ with tobacco juice so’s I won’t be makin’ such a mess. I’ll think hard on it.

Anyway, I’m skippin’ ahead now from writin’ bout last week ta writtin’ ‘bout last night.

There’s a few things I want to put down before I forgets ‘em. First off I seen Sam the bard! Remember him? The one what played the lute so nice? Well back he is and I hope he stays awhile too! Mayhap he’ll give Port a lesson or three. Port can’t squeeze one decent note outta his instrument! Not a one! His playin’ sounds all tinny, and outta tune!

And speakin’ o’ Port, which is now what I’m doin’, the little twerp made a comment ‘bout my backside last night! Can you believe that? He said I had a big one! Why the nerve o’ him! He said it in front o’ everyone he did! The words fell right outta his mouth! I’ll have him know me backside is a perfect fit fer the rest o’ me and I gets enough men whistlin’ at it ta know fer sure there ain’t no one in all o’ Markshire with a nicer one!

What the hel does he know ‘bout a girls backside anyways? That revoltin’ little gnome, waltzin’ ‘round in his fancy pants and cloak, never digging in and getting’ dirty like the rest of us! Ohh! I got me doubts about him I do!

And there’s a new girl in town too! Can’t remember her name, ‘cept the first letter o’ it. I think it was the letter ‘N’ I could be wrong. Well all ‘o us, ‘N’, Trau, Sun, Sam, Port and me and Port and Sun and ‘N’ wound up in the Dragon, just sittin’ and yackin’ ‘bout nothin’ in particular. Was just like old times! Ya remember when we used ta do that?

Just sit ‘round and talk? I miss those times I does! I told ‘N’ ta show up Friday. I said we’d probably be needin’ help runnin’ ‘round lookin’ fer new things Frank decides he’s wantin’.