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Last night I dreamed Aels invited all o’ us over fer dinner. We was all gathered ‘round a big table in her kitchen. She was stirrin’ a huge steamin’pot, filled up to the brim with tobacco juice with almonds floatin’ ’round in it!

Frank’s legs was stickin’ out o’ the pot lookin’ nice and plump and tasty. The other half o’ Frank was hangin’ from the shaftin’ tree which was all hale and healthy and now sittin’ smack in the middle o’ Ael’s front yard!

Port was there too, with a big white apron wrapped ‘round his middle. He was flittin’ ‘round the kitchen, helpin’ Aels gather the herbs and spices ta throw in the pot and settin’ the table fer all o’ us!

Funny thing though. It smelled ta me like she was cookin’ cabbage.