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. I’m gettin’ back ta last week and I’ll writ ‘bout that now. So . . .

we’s all standin’ there next to the shaftin’ tree like I said before, our mouths hangin’ open, checkin’ off the stuff on this new list o’ things Frank’s wantin’. Six o’ this, and nine o’ that and shields, and sugar and sand and ice and spider silk and graveyard dirt and oh geez, at least three pages o’ things!

All the while Port’s holdin’ on tight ta me leg ta keep me from from slaughterin’ the damm frog. Outta the corner o’ me eye I sees a puff o’ smoke, and glory be, Monty walks right out o’ it and into the middle o’ our group! Well . . . mages is known for doin’ those kinda things.

Anyways, Monty straight off, gets a good grasp o’ all that’s goin’ on with Frank and us and the shaftin’ tree. One o’ the things on Frank’s list we’s needin’ is sleep spells. Yup! Sleep spells! It seems, if we can figure out a way to make the damm tree hib . . .hibre . . . uh, put it to sleep, we’ll be able to slow down the rottin’ whats’ goin’ on inside o’ it. Monty hears that, looks around, and warns everyone to step back a bit. We woulda stepped back anyways, even if he ain’t told us to. I think he closes his eyes when he’s usin’ magic, just like I close mine when I’m whackin’ somethin’. His aim ain’t so good.

He begins mumblin’ some arcane sleep spell gibberish while swayin’ back and forth, then sparks start to shoot out o’ his fingers, goin’ every which way! A few sparks hit the shaftin’ tree, a few more hit Traudek, who ain’t thought to get far enough outta the way and down he went. But enough o’ the sparks struck the tree to put it ta sleep!

So, except for Traudek, who was snoozin’ away, right in the middle o’ the field, off we went, ready to begin collectin’ all the things on this new list what Frankie give us.