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I seen Port’s note on Hillar’s door today in Foothold so I’m gonna write ‘bout that instead o’ what happened last week. I’ll write ‘bout last week, tomorrow.

Well, I know’s Sar and Faith’s gonna read it and they’s gonna be as mad as hel about what we done. Invadin’ their home, breakin’ doors, trackin’ mud all over the place. Yankin’ the pictures off the walls, and causin’ a big mess.

But when he finds out ‘bout why we needs the pictures and how many lives we’s tryin’ ta save, and when he hears the whole story ‘bout the tree o’ shaftin’ and realizes we ain’t had no time ta be sittin’ ‘round just waitin fer him ta come home, I’m sure he’ll understand.

Besides that, Sun left a pouch full o’ gold right under Port’s note ta cover all the damage we might o’ caused. If it ain’t enough ta cover the cost o’ the new door he’ll be gettin’ and all the things we broke, I’ll be glad ta pay the difference. So would anyone else in our group, I’m thinkin’.