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Well I left notes in two spots, fer Sar and Faith. I’m hopin’ they reads ‘em. I appo . . . .appol . . . . I writ in ‘em both, that all o’ us was sorry for the things we broke and the mess we made and how we’d be installin’ ’ a new door and moppin’ up all the mud we tracked ‘round the place.

I also read the notes left last night by Sar and his wife too. One o’ ‘em stuck onto the door o’ the dragon with a knife! Geez! Was they mad! Funny thing though. Neither one o’ their notes mentioned nothin’ ‘bout the fine and honorable thing all o’ us was doin’ tryin’ ta save the Grippli tribe!

Not a word about it! Their notes was full o’ threats ‘bout all the things they was gonna do to us when they cought us! Geez! I thought Sar, bein’ the great Champion o’ Thor, defender o’ the people, enemy o’ all things evil would be pattin’ us all on the back and invitin’ us over fer dinner! Even though his house is kind o’ messy now.

Sounded like they was makin’ a broken door and a floor all tracked up with mud more important then savin the lives o’ all those poor little frogs livin’ out there in the woods! Seemed to me ta be kinda selfish, and small minded o’ ‘em, ya know?

Well its up to them I guess. Either they can hide in the shadows plannin’ and plottin’ how ‘ta trap each one o’ us then jump out and do their punishin’ but then they’d be no more then thugs and bullies preying’ on the weak ones in our group. In my eyes, Sar sure wouldn’t be too much o’ a Champion then.

Or, when their anger cools, we could all sit down with ‘em and explain why we done what we done, ya know? Mayhap they’d even help us a little tryin’ ta fix the damm tree o’ shaftin’ if they understood better, what’s been goin’ on. Like I said . . . its up to them. I don’t give a damm what they decides. Either way, I’ll be ready.