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Its a new day and I’m gettin’ back ta writin ‘bout last week again. I pushed the notes Sar and Faith left in Foothold fer us, completely outta me mind. Aint gonna worry ‘bout ‘em none. Gonna speak ta Port though. I’m thinkin’ some o’ the things he writs down in his record, aint’ too favorable to our cause, ya know?

I knows he’s tryin’ ta be fair and objective with his reportin’ but mayhap he could slant his chroniclin’ in a favorable way so’s he’d be helpin’ us a little instead o’ hurtin’. Mayhap he could use italics or somethin’?

For example, he aint’ writ down a thing ‘bout what we all seen the moment we walked in ta Sar’s house! At least it’s what I seen! First off, the place reeked o’ stale ale, and half eaten dinners, just left out ta rot! Little bugs was crawl’in ‘round all over the stuff! The floor was already a mess!

Scraps o’ food, dirt and garbage was strewn all over and all we added to it was a bit o’ mud from our boots and I only spit out tobacco juice once or twice, the whole time I was there! Well . . .mayhap four times I spit. Or six. There was a pile o’ dust in each corner and when we took the pictures off the walls, they left a big white mark in the shape o’ a rec . . . rectan . . . a square that someone stretched out sideways!.

I mean, don’t Faith ever clean up that place? Most o’ the mess in the damm house was there long before we arrived! Why ain’t Port writ that down too? Anyways, Port sure ain’t lookin’ at things the way most o’ the others in our group is lookin’ at things, and I’m gonna have a long talk with him ‘bout it!

Oh geez! I forgot! I’m supposed ta be writin’ ‘bout last week! Gimmie a minute, will ya?

(She pops another slug of tobacco into her mouth.)