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Over the past week, Bel, Walis Sun, me and Bel and the rest, collected just about all o’ the stuff what Frankie was needin’. Sun had most o’ the things already! She gotta hobby o’ collectin’ things. I ain’t got no idea where she stores all o’ it! I think she’s got a secret place somewhere in the Garden Grotto.

Anyway, the job they give me was ta find six pieces o’ glacial ice. A special rare ice it was! The purest ice in all o’ Markshire! I figured a good place ta start my lookin’ would be in some caves close by. I had a good idea ‘bout how to get to ‘em.

One, not too far away with a strong wind always whippin’ through it, just up a bit from Cona and the other always full o’ snakes in the bottom o’ it, just up a bit from Foothold . . . or down a bit from Foothold? Ya know, that’s the reason I gets lost so much! Even though I’m fairly sure I gotta go down a ways to get to a place, somehow I always seems ta be travelin’ up ta get down to it!

I ain’t expectin’ anybody to understand any o’ that except me, but I’m writin’ it down anyway. Must be somethin’ I inher . . . . picked up from me ma. It ain’t so bad if I got a landmark or somethin’ ta go by, ya know? A little stream or a funny lookin’ tree is really helpful!

When I sees it I know I’m getting’ close ta where I’m fixin’ ta get to. Anyways, I spent two whole days lookin’ in those damm caves and I didn’t find no special rare glacial ice at all! Then one night last week, me and a bunch o’ us is standin’ round talkin’ and Bel tells me he knows o’ another cave in the mountains north o’ Cona!

Ta me, that was up from where we was standin’. And he says fer sure they’ll be some glacial ice fer me ta find! And off we went!