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If there’s one place in all o’ Markshire I hates ta go to, it’s to the mountains north o’ Cona. Or up from Cona, dependin’ how yer lookin’ at it. Ya see, there ain’t no little streams, or funny lookin’ trees or anything else in those mountains ta guide a person.

Ain’t nothin’ in those mountains ‘cept rocks, and, to me,each rock lookin’ exactly the same as the next! Now how am I gonna make a map outta that? It would be useless I’m thinkin’. Just a bunch o’ rocks, all the same, scribbled on it. So when I goes to those mountains, It’s best I go with a group o’ people.

Yup! I gotta be followin’ someone. Else I’m gonna get lost fer sure. When the lot o’ us took off, Bel led, we all followed and it was easy gettin’ there. We run into a few giants on the way, but we put ‘em down quick and soon we was standin’ in front o’ the mouth o’ the cave.

None o’ us was too anxious to go in . . . we heard noises, scratchin’ and scrapin and moanin’ comin’ from inside. I was standin’ behind Bel, and I gave him a good hard shove towards the entrance and inside he went. Its amazin’ how ya gotta keep pokin’ and proddin’ a man to do somethin’ useful.

We all waited outside for a moment or two, listinin’ hard, ta hear if somethin’ was killin’ Bel. We ain’t heard him screamin’ or nothin’ so we decided it was safe fer all o’ us, and in we went.