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There was tigers in the cave, pretty white ones. They was tryin’ ta bite us so we had ta kill ‘em. A shame it was. Sun, with her bow, and Durok choppin’ away at ‘em took the most. I got a few, nine I think. Mayhap three o’ ‘em.

Bel, Trau and Voran just stood around with their mouths hangin’ open. Anyways, deeper and deeper we went, and finally, there it was! The special rare glacial ice! A big chunk o’ it! An ice troll was standin’ there guardin’ it. I suppose thinkin’ the ice belonged ta him.

We had a brief argument, which Sun resolved by placin’ three arrows in his neck, each one not more than a quarter inch away from the next, and before ya could snap yer fingers, I had me first piece o’ special rare glacial ice tucked away safe and cozy, sittin’ atop some small clothes in me pack!

I looked up and seen where the water was drippin’ down off the roof to form it. A real slow drip, ya know? Drip . . . drip . . . drip. We decided t’would take at least a whole day o’ drippin’ before another big round cube o’ it would form. No sense waitin’ here in the cave, so we all went back ta Foothold.

Before Bel left, he told me I’d have to be makin’ the trip to the cave without him tomorrow. He had somethin’ else he’d be doin’.
I think he was a bit annoyed ‘bout me pushin’ him into the cave.

I went back by myself the next day and the day after. And one more day after that even! Each time, collectin’ another piece of the special rare glacial ice and each time findin’ it harder and harder to locate the cave again!

Ya know . . . I could swear someone keeps movin’ the damm entrance to a different part o’ the mountain! By Friday, I had four pieces o’ ice. Frankie’s list called for six pieces. I hoped he’d not be checkin’ too close . . .