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Friday o’ last week I made me way to Barrelgore’s place, with my special rare glacial ice sittin’ safe in me pack, fixin’ ta meet the rest o’ our little band o’ adventurers. I told ya a few pages back, Barrelgore’s kitchen’s where we gotta go ta get to where Frank and his tribe is camped.

Walis, Durok and Bel was sittin’ at a table listen’ ta Port, who was standin’ in front o’ ‘em’. He was all animated and excited, wavin’ his arms back and forth and jabbin’ his finger in the air. Seems they was havin’ a dis . . . discu . . . . uh, they was yackin’ ‘bout what you’d call a thing if there was more then one o’ it! Ya know, like if ya seen more then one bird, then you’d say, “Wow! Look at all them birds!”

T’was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard, listenin to’ those four arguing with each other ‘bout whether ta put an ‘s’ or an ‘en’ after somethin’ your seein’ more then one of! I just don’t think a man’s brain work’s the same way as o’ woman’s. I think most o’ a man’s brain’s just used fer paddin’ ta keep the tiny piece o’ it in the middle, what does the thinkin’ fer him, well protected.

Yup! Paddin’! I’m sure o’ this cause when ya hits a man on the head, most times he’ll just look at ya with a stupid grin on his face! Ya gotta whack a man really hard ta put him down because o’ all that paddin’!

Anyways, they’s goin’ on and on ‘bout which is proper. Oxes or oxen? I seen two foxes or a bunch o’ foxen? Oh geez! Well, I’m thinkin’ to myself, what about a goose? For more then one goose you’d be havin’ ta use an entirely different word! Geese! And a whole bunch o’ geese is called a gaggle! And . . . if ya used the word goose as a verb, you ain’t even talkin’ ‘bout a bird no more! T’would have a whole other meanin’!

So . . . I just stood there listenin’ to all their silliness and didn’t say nothin’. I reminded ‘em Frank might be gettin’ irritated , waitin’ so long fer us. That said, we all walked into Berrelgore’s kitchen, which for some reason this time, was as dark as death, and none o’ us had to close our eyes.

I tapped me heels together three times, anyways.