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And like magic, there we was! Walis, Port, Bel, Durok and me, standin’ in the Grippli camp! Sun, Voran and Trau arrived shortly after. Well . . . ya can only fit so many inta Barrelgore’s kitchen at one time ya know?

Frankie told us there still was a few more items we’d have to gather. He was now wantin’ some pictures hangin’ in Sar’s house what belonged ta his tribe. They was heir . . heirloo . . . His tribe owned ‘em fer a very long time.

He told us ages ago, one o’ their leaders scratched out some instructions on the back o’ the canvasses. Grippli Glyph’s they was! They’d explain to us what to do with the special rare glacial ice, McGreggors’ lantern, the bunch o’ rope, the graveyard dirt, and all other stuff we’d collected fer him over the past week.

I was glad Frank ain’t asked fer the special rare glacial ice straight off, cause I was havin’ a slight problem with it. Ya see, like told ya on another page, I put the ice atop me small clothes in me pack. It was a mistake I made ta put it there.

The ice’s been sittin’ fer awhile, and now me small clothes is all frozen solid, and stuck fast to the damm ice. Can’t budge ‘em . I told Durok ‘bout it, and he give me a few pair o’ his, and I’m wearin’ ‘em now but they keep slidin’ down off me hips cause with him bein’ a dwarf and all, they’ s just too wide fer me! And besides, they’s all gray, and drab as dirt. No color to ‘em, ya know?

Anyways, fer sure I can’t wear a dress no more til I get’s this all straightened out. Gonna talk to Sun ‘bout it. I’m sure she’ll be able to make me some new ones what don’t keep slippin’ off o’ me.

Seems everyone in Markshire knows where we went and what happened next so I’m thinkin’ I ain’t gotta write ‘bout that part. We returned to Frankie’s camp with the pictures he was wantin’ and he int . . . interpa . . . uh, told us what all the squiggly lines and funny images meant what was drawn on the back o’ each canvas.

Now we was ready to climb down in the cavern under the shaftin’ tree to try our hand at stoppin’ all those hearts and tubes and stuff beatin’ and belchin’ away, down below in that pit. ‘Cept fer Voran. He got tired and went home ta bed.

Just before we went down, Port told me he had somethin’ fer me what he thought might help me some. He pointed to a bag sittin’ on the ground in front o’ him. I peeked in it, but carefully, cause I ain’t never quite sure o’ just what Port’s plannin’ ta do next.

Well oh geez! Sittin’ in the bag was a new helm! And decorated in colors that matched perfect with what I was wearin’! The words, “Headband of Intellect” was scribed in big bold letters right across the front o’ it! Why how thoughtful o’ him! I bent down and gave the little gnome a big kiss square on top o’ his head!

Ohh! He blushed somethin’ awful he did! I think it might o’ been the first time ever, he’d been kissed by a girl! Out came his lute, and he danced a little jig, all the while pluckin’ away and singin’ a sweet tune ‘bout me! It was so nice! And his playin’ ain’t sounded tinny ta me at all, like I said a few pages back! I decided right then, ta forgive him fer tellin’ everyone I had a big backside a few days ago!