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So much happened yesterday, which was Friday, I’m gonna writ ‘bout that instead o’ last week. I’ll writ ‘bout last week and how things went with us tryin’ to stop all them beatin’ hearts in the cavern, tomorrow.

I spent most all o’ Friday mornin’ choppin’ away at the Demon Skull orcs in in their cave just down a bit from Foothold. Ya see, skulls was one o’ the things writ down on Frankie’s list and fer some reason he needed a bunch o’ ‘em! By the time I left, I had a few bags full o’ skulls and I headed back to Foothold.

I stopped in the Temple, o’ course checkin’ first to see if Father Ryche was around. I told ya he don’t like me much. I ain’t seen him so in I went. Sun was standin’ there chewin’ on some almonds and we said hello. I knew she was a fine seam-stress, so straight away I told her ‘bout my dilem . . . uh, problem not havin’ no small clothes ta wear.

I told her Durok had give me some o’ his but they was always fallin’ off and that he must o’ had ‘em made outta canvas, or burlap or somethin’ cause now they was chafin’ and scratchin’ me somethin’ awful! She gave me a very funny look, then took some measurements ‘o me waist, and some other parts o’ me. She told me she could make me some nice ones outta silk and even dye ‘em in all me favorite colors!

Well, oh geez, white cotton drawers woulda been fine, but what girl is gonna pass up a chance to have a few pair o’ silk undies, and each one a pretty color! I asked her if she could rush the makin’ o’ ‘em along a bit bein’ it was kind o’ an emer . . . uh I was needin’ ‘em real bad. She said she’d do her best, but they’d take most o’ the day ta make, and because o’ that, she’d be late tonight for our meetin’ with Frankie.

So she gave me all the stuff she’d collected for him includin’ some knuckles she bought from Aels-witch a few hours ago. Ya see, Frank’s got just ‘bout everyone in Foothold workin’ hard fer him!
That evenin’ I set off to the Dragon Inn. I knew the rest o’ our group would be watin’ there, preparin’ to make the journey to meet Frank and the rest o’ the frogs in their camp.

Voran, Durok, Walis, Bel and Port was there and I greeted the bunch o’ ‘em. I took a seat in the corner, ordered an ale, and oh geez, who walks in and right up to our table but Sar and Faith! Yup! The two o’ them now standin’ there in front o’ us bold as brass! Ohhhh Geeeez!

(She uses a ladle to re-fill her cup with tobacco juice, from a spittoon which she now keeps outside on the porch.)