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Well bein’ the kind and neighborly sort o’ person I am, the first thing I thunk of, was to invite both o’ ‘em ta sit down and have an ale with us! Fer me, it seemed like the proper thing to do. Sar wasn’t havin’ none o’ that. Uh uh! He give me one o’ his steely looks and asked me ta give him a good reason why he should sit down with the likes o’ us!
Oh geez! I could see things was about to go down hill real fast, and I decided I was not wantin’ to be a part o’ it. So I got up from where I was sittin’ and began to make my way towards the door, tellin’ everyone I needed a breath o’ fresh air. As I was leavin’, Sar, in that loud commandin’ voice o’ his, screamed at me not to go any place ‘cept right back to the damm table I’d just got up from, and sit myself down!

Well Let me tell all o’ ya somethin’ ‘bout me ya might not know. The day a man . . . any man, takes to screamin’ at me, thinkin’ I’m gonna jump quick to do the thing he’s yellin’ at me to do, will be the same day everyone is lookin’ up in the sky, and seein’ a bunch o’ cows jumpin’ over the moon! Purple cows! Ya know? It just ain’t gonna happen! Never!

So I ig . . . igno . . . . paid no attention to his screamin’ and just kept walkin’. Soon I was standin’ outside the Dragon Inn, breathin’ deep, and enjoyin’ the cool crisp Markshire air. Bein’ outside I couldn’t hear much o’ what was goin’ on inside, mayhap a few words or two, most all o’ them really loud, ya know?

All men is like that when they’s tryin’ ta settle a thing between ‘em. When things ain’t goin’ their way, straight off, they start screamin’ and carryin’ on. I got two little nep . . . neph . . . uh my oldest brother’s kids. Both boys. One four, the other six. When somethin’ ain’t goin’ their way, they does the same. But they also throws themselves on the floor too, and bangs their heels real hard and fast on it. Rat- a –tat –tat!

I closed me eyes and imag . . uh pictured all the men inside the Dragon layin’ down and lined up in a row, , all o’ ‘em screamin’ loud and bangin’ away on the floor with their heels! ‘Cept fer Faith. She was just sandin’ there watchin’ ‘em and shakin’ her head back and forth. Anyways, that’s what I was seein’ with me eyes shut tight. Made me laugh it did!

A short time after, Sar and Faith came out, Sar walked over ta me and . . . I think he said somethin’. I ain’t too sure, cause fer some reason, me ears got all clogged up from some kinda green haze what came outta nowhere distortin’ all the sound. Through the green haze, I think he said ta me I should never ever speak to him again.

He ain’t exactly used those words, but they’s close enough to what he said fer ya to get the gist o’ it. Some o’ the words he used, I don’t even know how to spell so I ain’t writ ‘em down. Some others I ain’t even knowin’ what they meant, ya know? I’ll have to ask someone, I guess. I’ll tell ya! That green haze is some powerful stuff!

With that, Sar and Faith walked off and I walked back into the Dragon Inn.

The boys was sittin’ there waitin’ and ready to pay our weekly visit to Frankie. Before we left, someone suggested we try one more time to appo . . . uh, say we’s sorry to Faith and Sar ‘bout messin’ up their house. Their place wasn’t too far outta the way and there was a chance if we could make things right with them, Faith, would invite all o’ us in fer a bite to eat!

Well I’ll tell ya! A man’ll agree to do just about anything if he thinks he’s gonna wind up with a belly full o’ somethin’ fer doin’ it! The vote was nine to zero in favor o’ goin’ to Sar’s house to tell them we was sorry one more time! Or six to zero. I forgot how many o’ us there was. Anyways, off we went!

I ain’t counted meself in the vote cause I ain’t sure a woman is allowed ta do that here. Ya know? Vote on somethin’.