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When we got to their house, Sar and Faith was standin’ by the door. We all said hello and told ‘em again we was sorry fer what we did. Then we asked Faith if she might have a bit o’ food fer us to eat, cause all o’ the walkin’ we did ta get there had made us hungry.

Walis, thinkin’ mayhap there was a chance o’ a meal, was now standin’ there with a dumb look on his face, his mouth half open with drool dribblin’ outta it onto his breast plate! Faith accepted our appol . . . our tellin’ her we was sorry and said she’d be glad ta fix us somethin’!

Then she invited us inside! I set about helpin’ her in the kitchen while the others found seats around a huge oak table in their dinin’ ‘room. ‘Cept fer Port who put away his quill and parchment, and went about setin’ the table fer everyone. Voran saved the seat next to him for me.

Soon we was munchin’ away on a delicious salad, full o’ greens and tomatoes and bits o’ cheese with chopped up red onions and some oil and vin . . sour stuff what made me lips pucker, drizzled all over the top o’ it. Faith told us the salad was named after some great tribal leader who lived ages ago, far to the south o’ Markshire!

So nice she was, sittin’ there at the head o’ the table chatterin’ away and bein’ all sweet and sugary just like a little cup cake! She was a perfect hostess!

After dinner Frank popped in ta say hello and thank Faith and Sar for keepin’ the paintings which belonged to his clan, in such good condition. Frankie said it was proper and customary to offer a nice gift to those who helped his people and he had one for Faith! He dug deep into his pack and came out with a rare old relic, a Magic Ceremonial Stick o’ Poo!

Faith’s eyes lit up and you could see she was as pleased as punch with Frank’s gift! I ain’t thinkin’ Faith was too sure o’ just what it was, ya know? But I knew all about that stick and had ta turn away, ta keep from laughin out loud! Ya see, Frankie give me one just like it a few weeks back! I guess they ain’t really so rare.

Anyways I had a devil o’ a time with mine! Every time I went ta put it down it kept poppin’ right back into me hand again! The only thing that worked was ta lay it on the ground then jump on it real quick! As long as ya stood there on top o’ it, it couldn’t move nowhere. It took three days fer the magic in it ta finally wear off!

I also noticed when Frankie handed the stick ta Faith, he was holdin’ onto the good end! I was chokin’ tryin’ ta hold back me laughter! Faith thanked Frank and locked the Ceremonial Stick o’ Poo away in a trunk she kept in a corner o’ the room.

Before we left for the Grippli camp I told Faith not ta be stirrin’ no pot o’ soup with the stick Frankie’ gave her.