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Now there’s much more we done after we left Faith’s house last Friday. Before I get to writin’ ‘bout it, I should mention we did manage ta stop those thumpin hearts and tubes and extin . . . extingu . . . uh, put out the pots o’ fire in the cavern beneath the shaftin’ tree last week.

Instructions on the back o’ one of the pictures we took from Sar’s house told us what things from Frankie’s list ta bring down with us, and how ta use ‘em to silence the hearts and douse the pots o’ fire. Sun and Traudek done most o’ the work.

Trau would toss a bottle o’ graveyard dirt out over the hole, then Sun would let loose an arrow tryin’ ta hit the bottle and shatter it so the dirt would spread out nice and even over everythin’ below.

I was directly across from the two o’ them and fannin’ away with me cloak, on the special rare glacial ice I brung. My fannin’ was causin’ a cool breeze ta flow over the fires in the pit and coolin’ everything down.

I had a good spot on the edge o’ the pit, bein’ close to the fires and all . . . but had ta keep dodgin’ Sun’s arrows what came flyin’ straight across at me whenever she missed a damm bottle!

Bel and Walis was just standin’ there watchin’us and snickerin’ while Port was busy scribblin’ away makin’ a record o’ it all. After awhile, between my fannin’ Trau’s tossin’ and Sun’s shootin’ like I said, we finally put an end to the evil mess o’ stuff in that pit.