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First off, let me tell ya all, its impossible fer anyone ta sneak up on a goblin camp. You just can’t do it.The goblins always knows when yer gettin’ close ‘cause the worgs patrollin’ ‘round the edge o’ it’ll growl a warnin’.

A worg’s somethin’ like a wolf, only much larger, havin’ huge fangs, and red eyes and they’s all covered up with fur as black as night! They’s very smart and mean too! I heard a worg’ll set about feedin’ on a thing straight off, without even botherin’ ta kill it first! Yup! If they gets ya down, they’ll start gnawin’ away, tearin’ off and swallowin’ huge chunks ‘o you while yer still twistin’ and screamin’ tryin’ to escape from it!

And a worg’s got a really good nose too! They can smell a thing comin’ from far away and they lets the goblins know ‘bout it. Anyway, they could smell us comin’. ‘Cept Me o’ course, cause I ain’t got no odor at all. But . . . I guess the fellas are wantin’ me ta smell a little bit ya know? Cause they’s always handin me bottles o’ perfume ta use.

Now I’ve always had a few flies buzzin’ ‘round me head and I’m used to that. But until ‘Nitha told me not to use a whole bottle o’ perfume at once, and just to dab it here and there, I had legions o’ flies followin’ me ‘round everywhere! I guess flies likes the smell o’ lilacs.

Anyways, the worgs smelled a bunch o’ men, and Sun and a huge field o’ lilacs approachin’ the camp and they growled their warnin’ to the goblins. And, oh geez, the battle was on!

Out from behind the trees they came! Ridin’ straight at us atop their worgs! Bangin’ hard on their shields ta frighten us, shoutin’ and screechin’ their war chants, shootin’ arrows and flingin’ spears! Oh geez!

Their worgs was snarlin’ and snappin’ and tryin’ to grab an arm or leg what was stickin’ out from behind our shields! Goblin Shamans was poppin’ up everywhere hurlin’ spell after spell at us! And eleite goblins, the ones they send away fer special trainin’, was there too! Spittin’ on us and screamin’ curses in their high pitched voices’ and whackin’ away, tryin’ to murder us with their axes!

It was hard fer us ta keep our footin’ and we was slippin’ and slidin’ every which way cause o’ all the blood and guts collectin’ on the ground from the fight! Wave after wave o’ ‘em, charged us! Each one fiercer and more deadly than the last! I ain’t never seen so many goblins in one place before! Finally, after what seemed hours, we finished ‘em off.

We took a short rest to bandage ourselves up and clean the blood from our weapons. But poor Voran was missin’! We looked around and Bel seen one o’ Voran’s legs stickin’ out from under a huge pile o’ dead goblins nearby.

He was dead too but three o’ us grabbed his leg and yanked him out, brushed the gore off o’ him and brought him back to us, with a Raise Dead scroll. Then we went about lookin’ fer the hole that led down to the cavern.