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Port finally showed up, after the battle was over, carpin’ and goin’ on ‘bout how come we ain’t found the hole yet. Ya see, he’d stayed at Faith’s house, flittin’ about like a flutterby, helpin’ her with the dishes.

I knows folks calls ‘em butterflies but I don’t know why, cause they ain’t got a thing ta do with butter. But they does flit and flutter ‘round ya. . . just like Port. So I calls ‘em flutterby’s.

Anyways, we poked around a bit and finally found the hole down to the cavern in one o’ the goblin’s huts. We’d been in the hut before but missed seein’ it cause the goblins had covered it up with a funny lookin’ yellow rug what had strange symbols painted all over it and no one thought ta pick the damm thing up ta see what was underneath.

The hole was a small one, but we had no trouble squeezin’ down ‘cept fer Durok who got stuck half way cause he’s so wide, bein’ a dwarf and all. The rest o’ us had ta push hard on his head ta pop him through.

And there we was! In another part o’ the cavern, on a narrow path with muddy foul smellin’ red water stretchin’ far off into the distance, on either side o’ us! Ta clean the water we needed emeralds, sugar, sand and ginsing. Accordin’ to the instructions Frankie give us, we had ta throw ‘em in the water in that order, ta clean it up.

All went well til the boys got to the ginseng. As hard as Walis tried, he couldn’t manage ta chuck the ginseng out far enough into the water fer it to have any effect. There was a slight breeze comin’ in on us from off o’ it and it kept blowin’ the damm ginseng straight back into his face! No one knew quite what ta do about that.

I had some rope what I was savin’ in case I decided somewhere down the road, ta hang Frankie from his damm tree o’ shaftin’. I suggested we use the rope ta tie the ginseng ‘round Port ta give it a little weight ya know? Walis would get a good toss that way and . . . well, it’d be like killin’ two birds with one heave!

Well, ain’t no one liked that idea, Port most o’ all, cause he stopped his flittin’ and right quick, disappeared behind a big rock and ain’t bothered us no more. Walis kept at it, the wind died down a little and glory be, his last bit o’ ginseg flew outta his hands and landed atop the emeralds, sugar and sand he’d thrown out earlier!

The ground started shakin’ and all the lights went out and we all grabbed on to each other ta steady ourselves thinkin’ the cavern was cavin’ in on us! And oh geez! When the lights came back on, the water was all crystal clear, and smellin’ sweet, and you could even see little fish here and there, swimmin’ about in it!

We made our way up and out o’ the cavern, and started back ta Frankie’s camp, anxious ta give him the news ‘bout cleanin’ up the cavern’s water.