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Frankie and the rest o’ the frogs was happy ta hear ‘bout our success cleansin’ the water in the cavern. He reminded us there was four pictures we sto . . . . uh, removed from Sar’s house.

On the back o’ each was a thing we had ta do so’s the tree o’ shaftin’ would get better. Oh geez! Four pictures meant four things and so far we’d only done three! One, Monty had put the tree ta sleep, two, we’d stopped the beatin’ hearts and put out the fires, and three, we cleaned the water so’s the shaftin’ tree could suck up a nice drink now and then.

Frankie told us we’d have ta go down into the cavern one last time to make the dirt good fer plantin’ stuff. I just stood there starin’ at his legs and wonderin’ whether they’d taste better boiled and dipped in butter or rolled first in a nice batter with bread crumbs and seasonin’ then fried up all crisp and crunchy.

He told us ta rest up a day or two from our battle with the goblins before we made the last trip down ta fix the dirt. But in the meantime, mayhap one o’ us who wasn’t hurtin’ so bad might help him with another problem what popped up. Oh geez! Ain’t he never gonna stop askin’ fer things?

Frank said his tribe had a trade agreement with the Pellytes and the Grippoli’s was fallin’ short on their end o’ it, cause o’ all what’s goin’ on with their tree o’ shaftin’! Now he’s needin’ someone ta bring a load o’ axes ta Thane, the leader o’ the Pellytes, who lives in a big castle up in Zariat pass.

Sun-Ok, bein’ as she only had a couple o’ nicks and scratches from the few goblins what got close to her, volun . . . uh, told Frankie she’d be glad to do it. I ain’t knowin’ much o’ what happened later that night, if anything, cause I was really tired from all the fightin’ and hikin’ ya know? I just walked a little ways off, set up me tent and went to bed.