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She’s been trapped in “The Forgotten Chamber” in the sunken ruins below the lost city of Arik for almost four days without food or water. She’s tried to grab for the rope at the top of the stairs which would bring her up and out and perhaps to safety, but someone or something must have moved it and it now lies beyond her reach.

She’s convinced she’s been ‘forgotten’ also. She’s scratched a short message on one of the walls of the chamber with her skinning knife and then collapsed below it in exhaustion and despair. It reads:

“I was here with all o’ my friends. I think they’s trapped upstairs someplace and I ain’t able ta get up to ‘em. We fought well and ain’t run away from nothin’. Keliana Weiler.”

I had so much to tell ‘bout this place, but I ain’t about to scratch it all out on a wall with a skinnin’ knife. I’m sayin’ a small prayer ta Odin now, hopin’ he’ll send someone along to lower the rope again so’s I can climb outta here and get somethin’ ta drink.

Or mayhap if he ain’t too busy, he’ll just wisk me right back ta Foothold! Gods is able ta do things like that ya know!