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Well, shortly after I said me prayer to Odin, I picked myself up, and stood there below the hole we dropped down out of, starin’ up into the darkness. I was lookin’ at the tip o’ the rope, dangling there with the end o’ it too high fer me ta grab onto.

Then ohh geez! A big skin full o’ water comes shootin’ down outta that blackness and lands right at my feet! Whump! Along with the water, some healin’ kits, a few loaves o’ nice dark bread, a few pages o’ blank parchment and a quill, tied up together with a pretty yellow ribbon!

Lastly, a small bottle of me own special tobacco juice ink, what broke when it landed, splatterin’ its contents all over me! There was also a note attached to the water bag what said the others was camped upstairs in a little house and someone would be along soon ta lower the rope, so’s I could climb back up to ‘em!

Oh geez! Well I’ll tell ya! Prayers does work! But I’m thinkin’ t’was not Odin who dropped all o’ this stuff down ta me, ya know? Odin’s always busy sittin’ at that table o’ heros in his great hall, drinkin ale, singin’ battle songs, carryin’ on the way men does, enjoyin’ himself and gettin’ tipsy along with the rest o’ his friends.

I’m thinkin’ it was his wife, Frigg who done this kind thing fer me. She’s the one they say is always weepin’ ‘bout somethin’. Well, I’d be cryin’ too if I had ta keep the ovens goin’ fer eight hundred hungry men, never mind runnin’ ‘round that damm table with a big pitcher o’ ale, tryin’ ta make sure everyones mug was full! Geez, I’ll tell ya! Men is sometimes really inconsiderate, ya know?

Well, now bein’ in a really good mood, I started chewin’ up a new batch o’ ink, sat myself down and got set ta writ ‘bout all o’ the things what happened to us over the last few days . . .