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A few paces beyond the entrance, we passed by a scargalopafuss. Actually, there was two o’ ‘em, each one sittin’ on its own slab, with an iron gate goin’ ‘round three sides o’it.

For those o’ you what ain’t knowin’ what a scargalopafuss is, they’s big sturdy boxes, very well made and usually chiseled outta stone, with a really thick slab sittin’ atop o’ them.

They’s constructed that way ‘cause their makers ain’t wantin’ anyone to be openin’ them up and pokin’ round inside . . . or, ‘cause they aint’ wantin’ what awful thing they’s stuffed in it to be getin’ out ever again! I ain’t really sure which. Probably a little o’ both, ya know?

Anyways, they always has a bad odor leakin’ out o’ them and most times, they feels warm when ya touch ‘em. It’s best to leave a scargalopafuss alone. We made our way past ‘em and along a narrow wooden ramp what twisted this way and that, with Sun-Ok out ahead clearin’ traps and makin’ sure the path was safe fer the rest o’ us.

The ramp was narrow so’s we could only walk two abreast and every so often, spikes would come shootin’ up outta the floor, blockin’ our way, leavin’ a few o’ us on one side and the rest o’ us on the other! Oh geez! Well ‘I’ll tell ya! I’m beginnin’ to understand why Monty hates Ghak so much! We ain’t killed him at all! I think he’s immu . . . uh, I think acid don’t have no effect on him like it does on most trolls! Somehow the damn thing musta healed itself and then followed us in here!

As soon as the spikes would pop up and separate our party, Ghak would pop outta the darkness and begin’ harassing and tormenting and tryin’ hard to murder those o’ us what was left behind! Oh geez!

On top o’ that, Doom Knights was sneakin’ up behind us whackin’ away, doin’ their best to stop us from goin’ any deeper into the cavern! We fought like demons, with Durok, Voran, Walis and Bel choppin’ at them and Sun-Ok lettin’ loose a hail o’ arrows, and Monty shootin’ spell after spell at the Doom Knights, and Ghak, to keep him at bay!

Eventually, we managed to make our way across the ramp and after killin’ a few skinnies and searchin’ ‘round a bit, we found a door what led to a place below where we was, and in we went, all o’ us keepin’ an eye out fer Ghak ‘cause we was sure we’d be seein’ him again before the night was over.