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We made our way through the door and found ourselves in a huge chamber with corridors branchin’ outta it, leadin’ every which way. I was more interested in a big round couch sittin’ in the middle o’ the room what had pretty red velvet slipcovers, and thinkin’ I could snip off a few pieces and make a nice gown fer meself!

While the boys was standin’ there debatin’ which corridor to search, a horde o’ Amal Viziers what was hidin’ somewhere, leaped out at us and began slashin’ away, tryin’ ta drive us back to where we’d come from!

I think they’s cousins o’ Amal Slavers except much more brawny and powerful and before I could say Odin’s apples, things went black again, and when I regained con . . . uh, finally opened me eyes, Garm was starin’ down at me with a big smirk on his face! Oh geez!

Anyways, the boys musta finished off the Amal Visiers, ‘cause I felt somethin’ tuggin’ on me again and shortly after, I was back in the chamber, with them standin’ ‘round me, grumblin’ about somethin’. I ain’t sure exactly what, and I could be wrong cause me ears was still ringin’ from the blows I took on me head, ya know?

It sounded like they was complainin’ ‘bout Raise Dead Scrolls bein’ expensive, and I should be spendin’ my time preparin’ for what might be lurkin’ behind a door or around a corner, waitin’ ta jump out and beat me silly instead o’ worrying ‘bout red velvet slipcovers! Well oh geez, ain’t that somethin’! Raise Dead Scrolls is expensive!

Let me ask ya? How many times have ya seen a man go out and spend a small fortune without blinkin’ an eye, on a useless old war axe with the blade all rusty, chipped and bent and the bindin’ rotted and hangin’ off o’ it? Important to him because some famous dwarf swung it in a battle hundreds o’ years ago what nobody remembers anyways?

Then you stand there watchin’ him destroyin’ the wall above your mantle, poundin’ iron spikes into it so’s he can hang the damn thing up? Oh he ain’t gonna use the damn axe . . . he just want’s ta look at it! Then he plops himself in a big chair in front o’ the fire, along with his friends, all o’ ‘em just starin’ at it with really dumb looks on their faces! And all the while you’re slavin’ away in the kitchen, tryin’ ta fix them a nice meal! Oh, the nerve of ‘em!

Well, we’ll see how quick I’ll be pullin’ out my scrolls if one o’ them gets in a fix! Anyways, they give me a minute to recover me senses, and on we went, searchin’ all the halls connected to the chamber, and carefully openin’ all the doors we could, hopin’ we was gettin’ close to findin’ the seeds Franklin was needin’ and wishin’ Port had come along with us, cause he’s always good at findin’ stuff.

Along the way, we run into a room full o’ wyrmling blue dragons, and further on, some Korns, and even Ghak made an appearance, now and then, doin’ his best to torment us. There were some other evil things too, lurkin’ about what I ain’t knowin’ the names of. All o’ them doin’ their very best to murder the lot o’ us! With Walis and Bel and Voran up front, we ain’t had much o’ a problem choppin’ our way through ‘em.

Me and Walis cought up to Ghak and put him down again, and we ain’t seen no more o’ him the rest o’ the night. And by the way, Korns is the strangest lookin’ things I’ve ever seen! First off, they ain’t got no body, just a big round head with stalks, stickin’ outta it fer arms and legs! And where a person’s belly would normally be, they’s got massive bulgin’eyes stickin’ out! And instead o’ hair, they’s got a large gapin’ mouth sittin’ right on the top o’ their head!

We kept up our search and managed to find a trap door in the floor. When we climbed down . . . oh geez! Well we ain’t found Frankie’s seeds yet, but we sure as hel found somethin’ else!

We’d just dropped down into the real Lost City o’ Arik! Not that shabby collection o’ huts and hovels and Temples sittin’ hundreds o’ feet above us half buried in the ice and snow, Nope! This was the true city!

Hidden under tons of rock, its streets thick with dust, the echo of human footsteps not heard on its cobblestones for ages!

The real Arik now stretched out before us! Residence after residence towering above us! All of them built from stone! Some large enough to house a hundred! Shops lining the streets! And the avenues as wide as any you’d find in Stonemark! Mayhap even wider! Oh geez!